Ministerial Meeting of INSTC in Tehran in October 2018

Islamic Republic of Iran, as one of the founders of the North-South International Transport Corridor, is planning to hold a meeting of the Ministers of corridor in conjunction with the seventh meeting of the Coordination Council in Tehran in October 2018 in order to increase the transportation potential of the corridor member’s countries.

The Corridor Coordinating Council is the highest pillar of the North-South Corridor Agreement. Since the foundation of the Corridor in year 2000, six Coordinating Councils meeting have been held that the last one was in Delhi, India in year 2015.

In addition, on the sidelines of the Ministerial Meeting and Coordinating Council, the appropriate planning to hold a business forum with the presence of the secretaries of the international organizations and associations as well as the businessmen and private sectors of the member states to activate the North-South corridor, with the aim of creating a joint meeting and increasing communication between the members is ongoing.

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