Accession Process in International North-South Transport Corridor



Member Countries Requested Date For Membership Approved Date Of Membership by: Received Date Of Instrument Of Accession Date Of Membership T.I.R Carnet Members Green Crad System Members
I.R.Iran Russia India
Kazakhstan 24,Oct,2000 7,Apr,2002 22,Feb,2003 31,Oct,2002 6,Aug,2003 6,Sep,2003
Belarus 19,March,2002 7,Apr,2002 22,Feb,2003 31,Oct,2002 14,Dec,2003 10,Jan,2004
Oman 8,Oct,2002 1,Feb,2003 13,May,2003 7,Jan,2003 8,Nov,2004 8,Dec,2004
Tajikistan 20,June,2002 1,Feb,2003 13,May,2003 7,Jan,2003 8,Nov,2005 8,Dec,2005
Bulgaria 24,Apr,2001 8,June,2003 14,Feb,2006 31,Oct,2002 From 11,Apr 2006 Observer Member
Azerbaijan 31,Dec,2001 8,June,2003 11,Nov,2004 31,Oct,2002 12,Dec,2005 12,Jan,2006
Armenia 5,June,2001 8,June,2003 11,Nov,2004 31,Oct,2002 13,March,2006 13,Apr,2006
Syria 14,Jan,2004 5,July,2004 11,Nov,2004 11,June,2003 22,Jan,2006 22,Feb,2006
Ukraine 23,Jan,2003 8,June,2004 14,Feb,2006 20,Apr,2004
Turkey 14,March,2004 8,June,2004 14,Feb,2006 19,Nov,2004
Kyrgyzstan 27,Sep,2004 2,Dec,2004 14,Feb,2006 17,Aug,2005;