Meeting with European Commission Experts

A joint meeting was held by INSTC Secretary and two experts of European Commission in 29 of July in MRUD.

The main aim of the meeting was to assess the impact of Iran’s opening up on passengers and trade flows in and with the Southern Caucasus and Turkey. The overall objectives of the meeting were to understanding the following items:

  • – Assess possible changing patterns and volume of passengers and trade flows in and among the Southern Caucasus countries (Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan) and Turkey.
  • – Investigate possible consequences for modifications to investment strategies in the transport network (e.g. main corridors) and logistics hubs, from the economic benefits perspective on a sub-regional (Southern Caucasus and Turkey) scale.
  • – Assess the implications for border crossings, with recommendations for needed adaptations in terms of procedures and/or physical infrastructure and equipment.
  • – Qualitatively (and possibly also quantitatively) assess (direct and indirect) impact on economic development of Caucasus countries (Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan) and Turkey in the medium-long term thanks to: o Free trade (extensive lowering of trade-tariffs) Iran- Caucasus- Turkey countries. o New investment strategies following the “consequences and implications” of the improved trade and movement of people.

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