Meeting with BLR Logistics Company

BLR logistics is a main company in multimodal transportation in India that created a company which is called Zar Logistic specified to fright transport between India – Russia. In the first meeting between BLR Co. & Deputy of Transportation of Ministry of Road & Urban development (MRUD) in May 2017 in Tehran; issues including the necessity and crucial role of private sector in fright transportation in north – south corridor discussed. Iranian side presented all the corridors on east & west of Caspian Sea and it was agreed to send the list of right persons about this issues to ZAR co. In continuous ; this meeting in the second the section followed by port & maritime organization (PMO) presentation regarding Chabahar port and announced the readiness of Iranian party to corporate with BLR and another Indian company in next three months . BLR co. declared its readiness to generate special stores by loading and unloading facilities. BLR and IARTE (Iranian Association of Rail Transport Engineering) have negotiated about technical issues and available routes in north – south corridor through Iran to Russia too.

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