Holding the first meeting of the policy making and planning committee of INSTC ministers meeting

The first meeting of the committee of policy making and planning on INSTC ministers meeting, with attendance of state authorities, held on April 21 2018 in Transportation Deputy of Ministry of Road and Urban Development of Islamic Republic of Iran.

Dr. Taghizadeh, transportation deputy, stated that one of the basic roles of ministers meeting of member states is development of trade and economic along the corridor.

After that, Amin Taraffo, manager of international transportation corridors, stated that although presently transportation time through Suez Canal is twofold as through Iran’s territory, transportation costs through the canal is triple cheaper than Iran’s route. It’s anticipated that, by procedures amendment and some course of actions such as tolls adjustment, standardization of railway tariffs, costs will be reduced through Iran’s territory which make the corridor more feasible.

He expressed that uploading the corridor’s information on corridor’s new website, www.instcorridor.com, is in the progress by corridors secretariat.

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